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LRC Race Report: Durham Small Boats Head - Juniors

By Lakeland Rowing Club, Feb 6 2016 09:00PM

Durham Small Boats Head – 6th February 2016

Durham was Lakeland Junior’s first taste of a race off our own water. Since we began rowing in summer 2015 we had really began to form together into a crew – a crew ready to be tested over the 1800m upstream course on the River Wear.

Durham ARC was crowded with competitors and following months of training we were anxious but excited to get on the water. Connor Faulder, along with club senior Simon Bamforth, raced in Division 2. Especially for a first race in an unfamiliar crew, Connor set a good rate at stroke over the course while relying on Simon to skilfully steer the boat through Elvet Bridge from bow.

Ben Holmes (Bow), Robert Spedding (2), Tom Suddaby (3) and Tom Hind (Stroke) raced in division 3 under the expert guidance of cox Janice Herrod from Chester-le-Street. The crew started at a high intensity which we did well to sustain for most of the race, especially as we approached the narrow Elvet Bridge which many had failed at before us. Even with a crew gaining beside us we trusted in Janet’s experience and passed cleanly through the arch, forcing the chasing crew from George Watson’s College Edinburgh into the wider arch.

Our thanks to Chester-le-Street for letting us borrow a boat for the event, to Janice Herrod for her excellent coxing and to Durham ARC for organising the event. We all thoroughly enjoyed our first head race of the year, and are already looking forward to our next race: the Ponteland Junior Head on 19th March.

Below are the results for the Lakeland Junior crews.

LKL-Bamforth competing in the IM3.2x event achieved 133rd place with a time of 8.36.2

LKL-Holmes competing in the NOV.4x+ event achieved 135th place with a time of 8.38.6

Full version of Durham Small Boats Head results:

Written by Tom Hind, Junior Captain

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